Riding the Rails to NYC’s Forgotten Past – Atlas Obscura + Chase Sapphire: S1E6

Riding the Rails to NYC’s Forgotten Past – Atlas Obscura + Chase Sapphire: S1E6
Season 1

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Welcome to The Science of Storytelling, the podcast that explores the most unique and engaging content collaborations between publishers and advertisers. 

This week on the show, we’re chatting with Jordan Schultz from Atlas Obscura. Jordan has Master’s of Science Journalism from Northwestern. His love for both data and storytelling brought him to Atlas Obscura, where he works as the Director of Audience & Marketing.

Atlas Obscura catalogs unusual and obscure travel destinations, in addition to hosting creative events for its readers and brand partners. Its team brought both passions together in their latest campaign with Chase Sapphire. The event transported readers to New York’s iconic past via an after-hours ride aboard a restored MTA train from the 1940s. Each of the train’s cars were themed, providing music and entertainment from an iconic 20th century decade for their riders. The train also created an enviable spectacle for onlookers on every subway platform it passed. 

We talked to Jordan about bringing New York’s history to life, why he and his partner love grandiose Spanish door knockers and the power of a really good idea. 

You can also read our latest post about this podcast here: https://www.pressboardmedia.com/top-50-atlas-obscura-chase-sapphire/ 

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Guest: Jordan Schultz, @MonroeSchultz 

Hosted By: Jerrid Grimm, @jerridgrimm 


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