Dunking on Fashion Dreams – Bleacher Report + JC Penney: S1E5

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Dunking on Fashion Dreams – Bleacher Report + JC Penney: S1E5
Season 1

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Welcome to The Science of Storytelling, the podcast that explores the most unique and engaging content collaborations between publishers and advertisers. 

This week on the show, we’re chatting with Beckley Mason, Senior Director of Branded Content at Bleacher Report. Beckley first began writing about sports when he was coaching high school basketball; since then, he’s contributed to sites like The New York Times and ESPN, eventually coming to Bleacher Report to launch their new branded content operation. 

His team’s recent campaign, “Style Stories,” saw Bleacher Report connect with JCPenney to tell the story of NBA up-and-comers over the course of their first year as professionals. Beginning just before the NBA and NFL drafts, this program traced the athletes’ development as people and fashion influencers in this crucial time period.  

We talked to Beckley about using fashion to express yourself, what it takes to collaborate with NBA influencers, and why a jump shot from Joel Embiid means more than a jump shot from Tim Duncan.

You can also read our latest post about this podcast here: https://www.pressboardmedia.com/top-50-bleacher-report-jcpenney/ 

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Guest: Beckley Mason, @BeckleyMason

Hosted By: Jerrid Grimm, @jerridgrimm


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