Father(ly) Knows Best – Fatherly + Chrysler Pacifica: S1E4

Father(ly) Knows Best – Fatherly + Chrysler Pacifica: S1E4
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Welcome to The Science of Storytelling, the podcast that explores the most unique and engaging content collaborations between publishers and advertisers. 

This week on the show, we’re chatting with Mike Rothman, CEO and Co-Founder of Fatherly. Mike has been the face behind Fatherly for over six years. He created the publication as a way of addressing the deficit that he saw in helpful content for dads in the digital age. 

Last year, Fatherly partnered with Chrysler Pacifica for “The Family Car” campaign. The goal of the partnership was to take an out-of-the-box approach to buying a vehicle for your family by creating both practical (car seat safety tips) and tongue-in-cheek (looks dads give in the rear-view mirror) content. Eighty-one percent of Fatherly’s readers with a child between the ages of zero and two had bought a car in the last year, which Mike says made the publication a perfect fit for the brand’s goal of illustrating their family-friendly functionality.

We spoke to Mike about how Fatherly came to be, their partnership with Chrysler and the importance of publishing content created by parents, for parents.  

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Guest: Mike Rothman, @MJRawth 

Hosted By: Jerrid Grimm, @jerridgrimm


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