The City That Never Cooks – Gothamist + Blue Apron: S1E2

The City That Never Cooks – Gothamist + Blue Apron: S1E2
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Welcome to The Science of Storytelling, the podcast that explores the most unique and engaging content collaborations between publishers and advertisers. 

Today on the show, we’re speaking with Tom Stern, Director of Sales for Gothamist. According to Tom, Gothamist presents the day’s news in a “tongue-in-cheek and shirt-untucked fashion,” which has made it a go-to source of information for New Yorkers – or anyone who wants to be a New Yorker. 

Last year, the site collaborated with Blue Apron to promote their Whole30 meals. While New Yorkers are infamous for never using their kitchens, the content emphasized how easy it can be to make meals at home if you can skip a few steps like meal planning and grocery shopping. No more spending an hour waiting in line at Trader Joe’s. 

Tom shared with us the secret sauce that makes Gothamist successful, including how sharing stories like why Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order is so controversial helps them build an intimate connection with readers.  

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Guest: Tom Stern

Hosted By: Jerrid Grimm, @jerridgrimm


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