What Defines Beauty? – Mic + Dove: S1E3

What Defines Beauty? – Mic + Dove: S1E3
Season 1

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Welcome to The Science of Storytelling, the podcast that explores the most unique and engaging content collaborations between publishers and advertisers. 

This week on the show, we’re chatting with two guests: Nina Van Brunt and Nick Heitz. Nina is the Executive Producer & Creative Director of Mic’s Brand Newsroom, which she helped build from the ground up, and Nick is their Vice President of National Sales. 

Last year, Mic partnered with Dove to help them further their message that beauty should be for everyone. Working together, the two discovered a series of inspiring and unique stories of how women are challenging today’s narrow beauty stereotypes. One piece, titled “Mastectomy Scars,” told the story of a woman who had a double mastectomy. The emotional and uplifting collaboration shows how a thought-provoking story can change people’s minds  about a brand, a disease and about how we see beauty altogether. 

We talked to Nina and Nick about how their campaign with Dove came together, why every content company should build a brand newsroom and whether Jerrid is allowed to call himself a millennial. 

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Guest: Nina Van Brunt, @ninavanbrunt; Nick Heitz, @suchgreat_heitz

Hosted By: Jerrid Grimm, @jerridgrimm


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