Pressboard's platform connects brands with more than 250 premium publishers across North America to create custom branded content.

We believe that when great brands, influential publishers, and innovative technology come together, we can create powerful stories that people love to read and share.

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Pressboard has offices in New York, Toronto and Vancouver and is co-founded by Jerrid Grimm and Tiam Korki.


Through Pressboard’s Story Marketplace, we’re connected with over 250 publishers across North America. These include American sites like Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Refinery 29 and Vox Media, as well as Canadian publishers like Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and Daily Hive.

Whether you’re interested in the top lifestyle blogs in New York, cutting edge online fashion magazines, influential business publications or the most popular food sites in the world, we can help you find your next content partners in our marketplace.

Articles, videos, infographics — whatever your team requires, Pressboard will work with their extensive list of publishers to help bring your ideas it to life.

The client will always have final approval on the content. It’s your story, after all. As publishers and content partners write the draft, they’ll offer suggestions to help craft stories their readers will love while naturally integrating your brand.

The content will be published natively on the publishers’ sites and be marked as “Presented by” your brand. All stories also include a branded footer at the end of the article where you can further discuss your product or offering.

Content is promoted via the publishers’ various channels, which might include social media, e-newsletters and native ad units.

Pressboard campaigns exclusively use a “Cost per Read” model, meaning that campaign budgets are set and evaluated based on a guaranteed number of reads generated from each publisher. This is in contrast to the Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) or Cost per Click (CPC) models currently used for display advertising and native ad units.

All Pressboard campaigns are 100% performance-based – that means advertisers only pay when someone reads their stories.

A Read is counted when a unique user visits your story. Even if the same user visits your story multiple times, this will only count as one Read.

With Pressboard’s reporting dashboard, you can view up-to-date information about who’s reading each of your stories and how engaged they are. In-depth metrics include active reading time, conversion rates, average scrolling behavior, completion rates and more.

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