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From ideation to distribution and measurement, Pressboard makes your content goals a reality.

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Pressboard Boost

The Power to Discover and Promote Organic Press Coverage

The Pressboard Boost tool enables brands to discover and promote organic press coverage by premium publishers — no handshake required. Simply set a budget and hit boost, and Pressboard will distribute the publisher’s Facebook post to a larger audience.

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The Ultimate Marketplace to Connect Brands and Publishers

Our RFP marketplace is a one-stop-shop for advertisers seeking branded content placements with top publishers. Here, you can research audience data and content examples from North America's premium publications.

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The Complete Tech Solution for Content Marketing

Our content management platform empowers your campaigns to run more efficiently than ever before, from sales automation to campaign execution and content distribution.

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Resources for Creating Great Content

We Spent $1.5 Million Optimizing Our Facebook Ads!

What would inspire you to click on a Facebook ad? Is there something compelling about the attention-grabbing headline or the caption that accompanies it?

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Pressboard’s Complete Guide to the U.S. Digital Publisher Landscape

In an ever-changing digital landscape, understanding who owns what and who works for whom is critical for both planners and publishers alike. That’s why Pressboard has designed a tool to help industry professionals.

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How Publishers’ Editorial and Sponsored Teams Collaborate

Church and state, sponsored and editorial. It’s sometimes hard to identify the separation between a publisher’s editorial branch and its sales arm, especially with the advent of products like branded content and advertorials.

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