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All of Your Branded Content Partnerships. All in One Place.

Manage, measure and report on sponsored content, native advertising, eCommerce, social media, and more in a single dashboard.


  • Bring All Your Data Together
    Measure your social posts, ad campaigns, website traffic, and affiliate/eCommerce in one place with dozens of integrations to choose from.
  • Always Up To Date. Always Available.
    Create shareable reports that update auto-magically and easily share them with anyone you want.
  • Manage Hundreds of Campaigns at Once
    With intuitive workflows and multi-user access, Pressboard Studio scales with you as you grow.

Pressboard Analytics, Purpose-Built for Content.

Pressboard Studio includes Pressboard Analytics, the most accurate content metrics available. Go beyond pageviews and find out how people are truly engaging with your content.


  • Go Beyond the Pageview
    How active are your readers, are they completing your content, are they clicking on your links? Find out with powerful analytics purpose-built for branded content.
  • Benchmark Your Success
    Compare your content against others in your category with the industry's most in-depth benchmarks.
  • The Industry Standard
    Pressboard Analytics are trusted by the largest brands, agencies and publishers in the world. Build trust with the gold standard in content analytics.

The Most Trusted Technology in the Industry

Pressboard is the branded content verification platform of choice for major brands, agencies and publishers.
Future-proof your branded content measurement with Pressboard's cookieless, GDPR, CCPA and IAB TCF compliant technology.


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