5 Visuals That Clearly Illustrate the Growth of Adblocking

Ad blocking. The word brings up a spectrum of emotions depending on who you are. For the AdBlock user it brings up feelings of joy at the thought of an ad-free, fast loading, clean web browsing experience. For the advertiser a tinge of guilt that the continuous bombardment of brand messages has led to an outright revolt by the very consumers that they are trying to reach. For the media publisher, it’s a mix of fear and frustration as available ad inventory declines and adds yet another obstacle to an already challenging business model.

Regardless of where you sit on this emotional spectrum, we can all agree that ad blocking is growing, and at an ever increasing rate. Here are 5 visuals that illustrate that growth.

1. People are searching for it



2. Leading to more ad block users


3. And more ads being blocked

AdBlockPlus - number of ad tags

4. While some publishers may not like it

GQ disable ad blocker

5. The users sure do…

Ad Block user reviews

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