The Top 10 Branded Content Partnerships of July

At Pressboard, we’re invested in growing the branded content industry. Whether that’s through our own platform or celebrating the incredible work of our peers, we’re dedicated to building up the industry as a whole. That’s why I write about my favourite branded content partnerships every month. So without further ado, here are 10 incredible pieces of branded content that publishers and advertisers created together in July, 2017.

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Taste Triumphs – Vice + Hellmann’s

Vice teamed up with Hellman’s for a really interesting series that studies the intersection of hype, taste, health, and trends in food culture. The short documentary films are really engaging and do a great job of not overemphasizing the brand in areas where it doesn’t fit. Instead, Hellman’s is represented only in appropriate pieces of content like the delicious-looking recipes featured on the content hub.

Chasing a Moment – National Geographic + Tourism New Zealand

Like New Zealand, this campaign has it all; a celebrity influencer, jaw-dropping views, and food, wine & festival guides for every season. Featuring actress and filmmaker Bryce Dallas Howard, the series of videos and articles take you across New Zealand and do a great job at showcasing everything the island nation has to offer.

PureWow branded content

Exactly How Much Champagne (and Other Important Supplies) to Buy for Your Next Party – PureWow + La Marca

I really liked this piece from PureWow because it offered simple and easy-to-remember answers to one of the most pressing questions about hosting parties – “how much stuff do I need?”. Its practicality is evidenced in how much the piece has already been shared and saved on Pinterest for future use by hosts. My only issue with it was that while it was clearly labelled as “sponsored”, it was unclear who the sponsoring brand was until you read the piece. Both consumers and brands benefit when branded content is clearly labelled.

A Homemade Meal…From a Vending Machine – Great Big Story + All Nippon Airways

One of the greatest things about branded content is that it enables us to tell more stories. Working in the industry and writing about it every month makes it easy to forget that, but this video reminded me how great it is to tell stories for a living. On the surface, this video is simply about a vending machine, but the man behind it and his passion for his work turn it into so much more.

tourism kelowna branded content
Seattle & Toronto Stories – Tourism Kelowna + Multiple Publishers

Tucked into British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, Kelowna’s numerous wineries, exploding food scene and penchant for outdoors activities attracts all types of visitors. The region’s tourism board ran with that idea, creating a content campaign with four different publishers to speak to the different types of people who would be interested in Kelowna. The content ranged from local activities to enjoy with you significant other to the reasons people should consider the destination for a bachelor party.

(Full disclosure: This campaign was created through the Pressboard Marketplace)

IKEA Transforms Tiny Cluttered Apartment – Little Things + IKEA

This video is great because while the sponsoring brand and their products are the focal point, it doesn’t come across as forced because IKEA is doing a really nice thing by giving this couple’s apartment a makeover. The piece starts by showcasing their daily struggle in the cluttered space, giving the viewer a chance to empathize before IKEA comes in to save the day. It’s a simple format used across many real estate and home reno TV shows, and it translates perfectly into short form branded content.

Photographer Sophie Gamand and Pitbulls – The Dodo + Samsung

This short film about the photographer who snaps adorable shots of pitbulls in floral crowns stood out this month for a few reasons, the first of course being that they’re good dogs Brent. I also liked really liked how the brand was integrated into the video. It’s subtle at first, with Sophie snapping a few photos on a Samsung device, and then moving into an interactive gallery that uses Samsung’s Gear VR device, before wrapping up by mentioning that the entire video was created with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

scary mommy branded content

When You Go To Desperate Lengths To Sneak Your TV Binge – Scary Mommy + Netflix

This was the only piece of branded content I saw this month that actually made me laugh out loud. That’s because Scary Mommy used real admissions of “guilt” from moms on Facebook about how they sneak TV binging into their busy schedules. It’s lighthearted, fun, and packed with good ideas for those who need some extra “just me and the TV” time.

who what wear branded content

#AddtoCart: The 15 H&M Staples We’re Stocking Up on Before Fall – Who What Wear + H&M

The advantage of teaming up with a publisher that’s focused on the same industry as your brand is that you get to create content like this. The content is bold in its embrace of the sponsoring brand, and there is honestly no reason for it not to be. Who What Wear readers are there for fashion advice, so highlighting 15 new staples from H&M is great for both the audience and brand.

spotify branded content

Spotify Streaming Study – Spotify + Multiple Publishers

Spotify turned to branded content to let advertisers know that they can reach targeted audiences through the streaming platform’s advertising products. I can personally attest that creating great B2B content is not easy, and it’s even more difficult to find the right audience, so it was smart of Spotify to speak directly to Canada’s advertising industry through branded content on Venture Beat, Media in Canada, and Strategy Magazine.

(Full disclosure: This campaign was created through the Pressboard Marketplace)


Did I miss one of your favourite branded content partnerships from the month? Share it in the comments!

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