12 Tips for Working from Home

By now your company has likely put a work-from-home policy in place, or if they haven’t, it’s coming soon. For some companies this is going to be a huge shift, for others, it’s business as usual.

Pressboard is somewhere in the middle. Since the day Pressboard launched, we’ve always had a remote work policy, where our team is able to work from the office, their homes or even the beach. It wasn’t always easy, and we’ve learned a lot over the last 6 years, so we thought we’d share a few tips from our own experience. Hope it helps!

Setting yourself up for success

“Do an evaluation of your home setup. Make sure you’re as comfortable at home as you are at the office. That might mean getting yourself a home desk, a larger monitor, a more ergonomic chair. When you’re comfortable, focusing on your tasks is much easier.”

Jay Khandke, Manager Publisher Partnerships

“Dedicate a portion of your home exclusively as a place of work, and free of distractions. Avoid working from your bed, couch or dinner table, it makes it hard to know where home starts and work ends, it’s also terrible for your back.”

David Richards, Data Science and Machine Learning Specialist

“Minimize clutter to keep you focused. Remove anything from your surroundings that will distract you from tasks at hand.”

Phil Cheung, Lead Designer

Starting your day

“Have a shower and put on some real clothes. It helps you break out of that groggy ‘just woke up’ feeling. It also makes you presentable for those unexpected video calls”

Trisha Stefani, VP Partnerships

 “Stick to the same morning routine as you normally do. For myself, I like to make a cup of tea, catch up on current events and listen to music to kick off my day.”

Phil Cheung, Lead Designer

Staying productive and motivated

“Plan out your day. What projects and tasks do you need to accomplish? Tackle the most difficult ones while you’re most productive, for many of us that’s first thing.”

Trisha Stefani, VP Partnerships

“Keep connected to your team, it can get lonely working on your own. We have a daily team video call where everyone can share what they’re working on and any challenges they’re running into.”

Jerrid Grimm, Co-founder and CEO

“Refrain from doing things you wouldn’t normally do. If you need a break, don’t watch tv, go for a walk, do some stretches or get a coffee instead.”

David Richards, Data Science and Machine Learning Specialist

“Stay healthy. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Eat well, exercise, meditate, get a good night’s rest. It’s an incredibly stressful time in the world right now and you need to be paying extra attention to your well being.”

Jay Khandke, Manager Publisher Partnership

Keeping your business rolling

“Be easily accessible to your customers. Anyone can reach our team quickly by chatting with us on our website or right within our platform.”

Jay Khandke, Manager Publisher Partnership

“Use the power of the cloud. Make everything accessible from a web browser, no matter where your team or customers are located. In our case at Pressboard, that means ensuring that our customers and their clients can access their account and reports from anywhere, at any time.”

Tiam Korki, Co-founder and CTO

“Empathize. Everyone is dealing with new challenges and a new environment. Start from a place of being helpful and your customers will appreciate it in the long run.”

Jerrid Grimm, Co-founder and CEO

Working from home can be an opportunity to challenge yourself and stretch some new muscles. If you set yourself up for success, start off your day right and stay productive and motivated you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish. Remember that your customers’ businesses doesn’t stop just because you aren’t at the office, and yours shouldn’t either. Good luck out there and stay healthy!

The Pressboard Crew

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