How to Create Viral Content: The 6 “STEPPS” to Success

by For many people, the first things that come to mind when they hear “viral content” are memes and cat videos. By definition, however, viral content […]

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Justin Walls
March 13, 2020

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7 Great Publisher Research Tools for Media Planners
Leah Bjornson
March 25, 2019

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Shinola’s Marketing is a Love Letter from Detroit to the World
Shawn Ragell
February 11, 2019

On the surface, Shinola‘s story is about place: the place of Detroit, Michigan. But if you speak with the company’s employees, you’ll..

The 50 Best Branded Content Partnerships of 2018
December 13, 2018

As another year draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on all the incredible content created by advertisers and publishers...

How to Convince Clients to Stop Name-Dropping in Branded Content (Study)
Leah Bjornson
November 29, 2018

First-of-its-kind data analysis of sponsored content shows that it’s better to mention brands strategically rather than repeatedly. It’s..

Trunk Club’s Content Strategy Stitches Together Personality and Value
October 15, 2018

A great piece of custom content is a lot like a well-fitting suit. It’s tailored to fit your needs and address your problems, it stands..

How Canopy Growth is Navigating the ‘Wild Wild West’ of an Uncharted Industry
September 28, 2018

As Canada’s legalization deadline for recreational cannabis draws closer, it seems new cannabis brands and campaigns are popping up..

Volvo Creates Powerful “Moments” with Customers Through Content
Leah Bjornson
September 27, 2018

Few industries are subject to the same level of scrutiny that customers bring to buying a new car. After all, this is no casual..