The Media Buyer’s Guide to Branded Content [eBook]

This media buyer’s guide has over 50 pages of free advice on branded content from the world’s leading buyers, brands, and publishers!

Media buying is not a simple job. With the growing amount of new advertising and media products being introduced into the marketing mix and the increasing pressure to continually deliver more value to clients, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Branded content is one of those newer media products that is seeing a massive surge in popularity among advertising agencies and their clients – but like any new industry, it can be a bit like the Wild West out there. That’s why we created this complete guide to branded content with media buyers in mind. From ideation to execution, the information and insights within this guide will help you navigate every step of a branded content campaign and allow you to provide the most value to your clients.

No single expert has all of the answers, so we sought advice from industry leaders at OMD, Mindshare, BBC, The Wall Street Journal and many more!  We created this guide to combine the wisdom of the greatest content minds and turn those insights into actionable advice that media buyers can all apply to their own portfolios of advertisers.

You can sample The Media Buyer’s Guide to Branded Content in the Slideshare below or download the full copy by filling out this form.

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