The Complete Guide to Branded Content

Content marketing is one of those vague terms that means nothing and everything all at once. In this growing discipline there is no single expert, no […]

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Doing More With Less: How Content Studios Can Scale Production
Madison Taylor
April 26, 2019

We’re living in the age of “banner blindness,” where internet users are either subconsciously or consciously (read: grumpily) ignoring..

Targeting and Retargeting: How to Use Content to Convert
March 19, 2019

Nowadays, publishing the perfect piece of content doesn’t guarantee that you’ll capture readers’ attention. With organic reach on the..

For Publishers, the Biggest Branded Content Challenge Isn’t Scale — It’s Sealing the Deal 
Leah Bjornson
March 5, 2019

More North American publishers expect branded content to grow over the next year than any other revenue source, according to our latest..

CPM is Old News: The Business Case for Selling Content Differently
Trisha Stefani
February 13, 2019

Of the millions of pieces of content that are published online every day, only 10% are ever seen. If that shockingly low statistic makes..

4 Reasons Publishers Shouldn’t Fear Facebook in 2019
January 7, 2019

Oh, Zuckerberg. Things have never looked worse for the social media mogul or his company. Public faith in Facebook has dropped by 66% in..

The Media Buyer’s Guide to Branded Content [eBook]
Shawn Ragell
June 21, 2017

This media buyer’s guide has over 50 pages of free advice on branded content from the world’s leading buyers, brands, and publishers! If..