The Top 10 Sponsored Content Campaigns of October

At Pressboard, we’re invested in growing the sponsored content industry. We’re dedicated to building up the industry as whole, whether that involves connecting advertisers and publishers through our own platform or celebrating the incredible work of our peers. That’s why we write about our favorite sponsored content campaigns every month. So without further ado, here are 10 incredible pieces of sponsored content that publishers and advertisers created together in October, 2018.

“Celebrating the Next 100 Women Emerging in Culture” – PureWow + Neutrogena

This empowering collaboration between PureWow and Neutrogena highlights 100 women making waves in their respective industries. This piece gives the reader a glimpse into the lives and passions of women in tech, big business, fashion, TV and more. By choosing to feature “emerging” talent instead of celebrities, both parties succeed in creating content that’s relatable and speaks to their average customer on a more intimate level.

“Cannabis Education Campaign” – Multiple Publishers + Emerald Health Therapeutics

With cannabis now legal across Canada, it was only a matter of time before the web was flooded with cannabis-related content. But this campaign from Emerald Health Therapeutics — which placed content on Toronto Life, Reader’s Digest Canada, Canadian Living and Best Health — is different from the average informational article, as it leverages decades of experience and expert research to help dispel many of the myths surrounding cannabis consumption. The Toronto Life piece is a particularly great fit, as it focuses on exploring the differences between CBD and THC and how each affects the body — very applicable to the publisher’s lifestyle-oriented audience.

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“If Streetwear Is the New Luxury, What Does That Mean For Fashion?” – GQ + The House of Peroni

This stylish collaboration explores the relationship between streetwear and luxury wear in an attempt to understand how the former became the most talked-about branch of the fashion industry. The discussion of the evolution of menswear makes this a tailor-made fit for GQ, and the expertise of The House of Peroni, a leading London fashion studio, lets them speaks authoritatively to their sophisticated and style-savvy audience.

“Lycra Insiders” – Refinery29 + LYCRA

This bubbly, youthful piece uses stretch denim as a creative metaphor for adapting to the challenges that life throws at you — and it works! Singer-songwriter duo Veronica and Vanessa Merrell star in this branded video, lending their influencer status to both publisher and brand to draw in a greater audience. This is a great example of how working with influencers can enhance your sponsored content campaigns.

“The Best Places to Live in America” – Money +

An already great piece of content can be made extraordinary through the inclusion of vibrant photos. This comprehensive look at the best places to live in America includes countless images that tell a compelling story about everyday life in 50 different communities across the country. As the financial offshoot of Time Magazine, Money is interested in how (and where) people spend their hard-earned dollars, making this partnership with a perfect choice. 

“New York State of Mine” – The Player’s Tribune + Showtime

Another great piece of content from The Player’s Tribune, this video follows Knicks rookie Kevin Knox as he gets to know the city of New York. The viewer accompanies Knox on the tour of his new home, from sneaker shopping to grabbing a slice. Showtime lends their video expertise to make this a stand-out piece of visual content that promotes the second season of their show, Ray Donovan, which takes place in New York City.

“Sugar Interrupted” – Huffington Post + Panera Bread

Part of the branded video series, “Food Interrupted,” which aims to help viewers make more informed food choices, this video explores sugar consumption as well as a technology that helps people with Type 1 Diabetes. In the video, the concept of a wearable technology that would allow those with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels is explored. The informative nature of this piece makes it a great fit for HuffPost, and its close link to conscious eating creates a natural bridge with Panera’s messaging.

“The Ultimate Guide to Halloween” – Her Campus + CW

As the global community for women in college, Her Campus is hyper-focused on all things that go along with the college lifestyle. Inspired by this niche audience demographic, this piece offers a guide to all things Halloween — but with a student-oriented twist. Sections include how to stay safe on Halloween, how to ensure your costume is culturally appropriate, caring for your skin post-Halloween makeup and more. As the home network for shows like Riverdale and Jane the Virgin, the CW is the ideal sponsor for this fun and festive collaboration

“Funded in America” – SoulPancake + T-Mobile

“Funded In America” is a series that showcases female entrepreneurs who used crowdfunding to make their dreams a reality. In this notable episode, host La La Anthony meets the creators of ASIYA Sports Hijab, a Minneapolis-based company that makes athletic gear for Muslim women. This powerful collaboration between SoulPancake and T-Mobile shows both companies to be supportive of innovative women in America.

“OLED TV Technology Campaign” – Multiple Publishers + LG Electronics

This collaboration between LG Electronics, Entrepreneur and Venture Beat takes an in-depth look at the technology behind LG’s OLED TVs. Though both pieces strive to position LG as thought leaders in the industry, the Venture Beat piece in particular uses a perfect balance of science and lifestyle content to show readers what goes into making such an advanced piece of technology. The addition of an expert interview also lends authority to the piece.

(Disclosure: this content was created through Pressboard’s platform)

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