The Top 10 Sponsored Content Campaigns of January

At Pressboard, we’re invested in growing the sponsored content industry, whether that involves connecting advertisers and publishers through our own platform or celebrating the incredible work of our peers. That’s why we write about our favourite sponsored content campaigns every month. So without further ado, here are 10 incredible pieces of sponsored content that publishers and advertisers created together in January, 2020. You can submit your own campaigns to be considered for next month’s roundup here.

Advancing Healthcare With AI: WSJ Custom Content + Intel

Artificial Intelligence is a transformative tool for the world of healthcare. Thanks to technology powered by Intel, researchers at TGen are using the data processing power of AI to sequence patient DNA and deliver treatments tailored to the individual. This partnership between the Wall Street Journal’s custom content studio and Intel delves into how genomics and AI combine to address healthcare challenges.

Gather What’s Good: Bon Appétit + Field Roast

Bon Appétit is introducing Field Roast’s plant-based meats and cheeses into kitchens across North America. This campaign takes celebrity chef Roy Choi to Seattle, Chicago and Toronto to meet with local chefs making waves in the culinary world. Each chef puts a plant-based spin on their own dishes with Field Roast products. This partnership connects Bon Appétit’s readership with Field Roast’s vegetarian products and shares mouthwatering recipes inspired by each locale.

QS MBA & Grad School World Tour: Daily Hive + QS

Going back to school is a big decision — one that QS knows people weigh carefully. In partnership with QS, Daily Hive created content exploring the opportunities that are unlocked with an MBA, showcasing the lucrative careers that graduates can pursue. The campaign performed well beyond benchmarks, driving registrations for the institution’s upcoming World Tour, where prospective students will meet face-to-face with admissions directors from the world’s leading institutions.

Night at Neiman’s: Vogue + Neiman Marcus

Vogue is a long-standing institution in the fashion world, making it the ideal platform for Neiman Marcus to partner with. This fun-filled collaboration with Mastercard has Taraji P. Henson, of Empire fame, living out her after-hours shopping fantasy once she realizes she’s been locked in the store for the night. Henson befriends Neiman’s mannequins, takes a mini Range Rover for a joy ride and name drops the top brands carried in-store.

Solving for Tomorrow: WP BrandStudio + Hitachi

As the world continues to urbanize, mass transportation poses a unique problem for cities. The Washington Post’s branded content division partnered with Hitachi to create solutions-focused content about how technology can answer the call for smarter, more sustainable ways to move through the world. This article looks at future-oriented innovations such as eco-friendly rails, smart traffic management systems and driverless cars.

Real-Life LEGO Masters: Fatherly + LEGO Masters

LEGO building may have been elevated to an artform, but at its heart it’s still a fun way to unwind and play with your kids. Fatherly partnered with the new television series, LEGO Masters, to round up some of the best LEGO building advice from real-life masters. Master builders, like the fathers profiled in this campaign, will appear on LEGO Masters. Premiering this February, the competition show will be hosted by funnyman, father and LEGO enthusiast Will Arnett.

Cautiously Close: Atlantic Re:think + Amgen Oncology

Cancer research has progressed in leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Thanks to advances in biotech, healthcare professionals and scientists are cautiously optimistic about being close to helping current patients overcome the disease. This video, produced by Re:think, takes an inside look at the innovative treatments being developed by Amgen Oncology.

Malta for All: Guardian Labs + Malta Tourism Authority

This campaign by Guardian Labs positions Malta as a safe and inclusive destination for LGBTQ+ visitors. Travelling while queer can incite anxieties about the politics and norms of any new place. This piece highlights the positive experiences of LGBTQ+ visitors with Malta’s welcoming locals and progressive policies. Beautiful photography also shows off the blue waters and striking architecture that help make Malta an idyllic queer getaway.

Making Housing More Affordable: T Brand Studio + Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo partnered with T Brand Studio to shine a light on the work being done to bring more affordable housing to American communities. The company has teamed up with Enterprise Community Partners to launch the Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge, which will contribute to implementing housing solutions and advocating for policy change. This series has two instalments to date: one telling a family’s story of their search for housing and another looking current affordable housing initiatives.

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