The Top Ten Sponsored Content Campaigns of April

At Pressboard, we’re invested in growing the sponsored content industry, whether that involves connecting advertisers and publishers through our own platform or celebrating the incredible work of our peers. That’s why we write about our favourite sponsored content campaigns every month. So without further ado, here are 10 incredible pieces of sponsored content that publishers and advertisers created together in April, 2020. You can submit your own campaigns to be considered for next month’s roundup here.

WP Brand Studio has teamed up with Ad Council to create thoughtful content that communicates findings from the Ad Council’s new study, “Coping with COVID-19.” There are four instalments in this paradigm-shifting series, exploring how Americans are coping with the crisis, different perspectives across demographics, fighting lockdown fatigue, and unifying communities with varying experiences of the crisis.

#WereHereTogether: ATTN: + San Diego Zoo

While the San Diego Zoo is closed to visitors, its staff are hard at work caring for incredible creatures great and small. ATTN: takes us behind the scenes, where zoo workers are practising social distancing while tending to the penguins, elephants and lions who call the zoo home.

Covid-19: Private Sector Investment: T Brand Studio + Wellcome

With the economy altered by a challenging COVID-19 environment, Wellcome partnered with T Brand Studio to encourage the private sector to invest in virus relief efforts. An estimated $6 billion more is needed to develop and distribute vaccines. While potential new outbreaks of the virus would mean continued economic upheaval, this sponsored article is an analytical deep dive into why funding the response is the soundest business decision to be made.

Coffee Beans & Sewing Machines: Telegraph SPARK + Taylors of Harrogate

Taylors is working to empower the women coffee farmers of Uganda who make their single origin product possible. This collaboration produced a seamless scrolling story with beautiful animations and photography. It details how Taylors is funding a program that provides tailors training and sewing machines to Ugandan women so they can clothe their families and make their own earnings.

Looking Westward: BBC StoryWorks + HSBC

BBC StoryWorks produced this targeted article for HSBC to help young Indians prepare for study in Canada and the UK. This piece markets international higher education to Indian students between ages 18 and 30, covering everything to expect from increased career preparedness to climate and cuisine.

What You Need to Celebrate Easter at Home: Popsugar + Target

Target is celebrating the diverse family traditions of American families with a peek into the Easter preparations in a Latinx household. This festive piece covers everything from setting the table to dressing in your Easter best, with product integrations from Target.

Game of Zones: Bleacher Report + State Farm

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there… to fund seven whole seasons of Game of Zones, an NBA-inspired parody of Game of Thrones. Bleacher Report released the premiere of season seven this April, which sees Dwayne Wade join the ranks of the media and Giannis Antetokounmpo undergo an icy transformation.

Ready to Geek Out on Robot Vacs?: Mashable Brand X + Roborock

Your robotic vacuum is only as smart as the technology behind it. Roborock partnered with Mashable to reveal how their newest machine uses dual cameras and advanced algorithms to navigate your floors without getting stuck, mapping each level of your home with precision.

Green Energy Stories: National Geographic + Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power is funding renewable energy and conservation journalism through a series of videos and articles from National Geographic. The campaign shares green energy stories from around the world, showcasing solar panels as a reliable source of electricity in Chile, how Oklahoma is reinvigorating its economy with wind, and more.

In My Room: Rolling Stone + Gibson

Virtual concerts are a breath of fresh air for house-bound music-lovers, especially those who are missing out on their favorite artists due to show cancellations the world over. In partnership with Gibson, Rolling Stone is publishing short video sessions with beloved artists in their home studios, offering viewers the chance to win a guitar by donating to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

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