2017 Branded Content Benchmarks Report (Infographic)

This newly updated report highlights the most important branded content benchmarks for marketers. 

At Pressboard, we believe that content is the most powerful way for brands to communicate with consumers. That’s why we built a platform that makes it easy for brands to collaborate with hundreds of media publishers to create and measure branded content —instead of ads.

To date, we’ve worked with over 400 brands and digital publishers across North America to help create branded articles and videos that have been consumed by millions of people. This means we’re constantly receiving an incredible amount of data that gives us exclusive insight into how branded content actually performs. And we want to share it with you!

Since releasing our first Branded Content Benchmarks Report last year, we’ve received messages from marketers and media companies all over the world who have found it helpful for understanding what metrics they should be using to evaluate branded content campaigns. Using data pulled from over 1,300 pieces of sponsored content created by brands and publishers through Pressboard’s platform, we’ve compiled an updated 2017 Branded Content Benchmarks Report that details how branded content performed in 2017. The report aims to help marketers go beyond impressions and clicks to better understand the metrics and benchmarks they should be using to measure branded content.

The infographic below breaks down a few of the key insights we found:

2017 Branded Content Benchmarks Report (Infographic)

Reflecting on all the data collected and analyzed in this report, it’s clear that branded content is an increasingly powerful and essential part of the media mix for advertisers of all sizes and across all industries. By releasing this data publicly, our hope is to help the entire industry grow globally, and inspire advertisers and media publishers to continually work towards crafting better content together.

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