Infographic: Pressboard’s Branded Content Benchmarks Report

They say that if you’re successful in the world of content marketing, you’re either data-driven or lucky. And while we could all use a little luck now and then, we prefer to have branded content down to a science — well, as nearly as possible.

Since starting the company almost three years ago, we’ve worked with over 200 brands and digital publishers across North America to create hundreds of branded stories that have been read by millions. This means we’re constantly receiving tons of data that gives us exclusive insights into how branded content is consumed. And now, we want to share it with you.

Using data pulled from over 900 stories created by brands and publishers through Pressboard’s platform, we’ve compiled a benchmarks report that details some of the most valuable content benchmarks for publishers and brands.

This infographic breaks down a few of the key insights we found:


Branded content is about telling a great story, so it’s no wonder that readers are engaging with this type of content more than with other forms of advertising. These benchmarks will help advertisers and publishers see how their content stacks up and can help influence strategies moving forward. Get these exclusive stats and more when you download the free report by following this link: Pressboard’s Branded Content Benchmarks

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