7 Marketing Podcasts to Inspire Your Creative Teams

We’re in something of a podcast golden age right now. Whether you’re into the secret history of Hollywood or the (slightly weirder) secret history of Internet rabbit holes, there really is something for everyone. There are even podcasts tailored to specific professions, including medicine, economics and of course, marketing.

As of 2017, 44% of the U.S. population have listened to a podcast; and as of this year, 26% listen to podcasts at least once a month. So if you consider yourself one of those “podcast people”, you’re not alone.

Luckily for content marketers, industry leaders are revealing their best marketing tips through this medium, making it one of the best ways to sneak in some mini professional development sessions on the go. Here are seven podcasts that’ll shape up your branded content prowess.

1. This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing is the flagship podcast for the Content Marketing Institute (need we say more?). Sadly, the last episode was recorded in 2017; but its archives are still worth a listen. In each episode, hosts Joe Pulizzi (founder of the CMI) and Robert Rose (chief strategy advisor at the CMI) discuss new developments in the content marketing scene, rant about the struggles and realities of the industry landscape and discuss past examples that can still be learned from today.

2. Copyblogger.FM

Copyblogger.FM is another niche podcast made by and for content marketers. Sonia Simone, founding partner of Rainmaker Digital, gets to the core of some of content marketers’ deepest worries and fears (think: SEO-induced stress hives and creative slumps) and talks about them in smart, candid and accessible ways. This is a great podcast to boost your confidence and feel more inspired heading into your nine-to-five. Give “3 Skills to Master to Become a Marketing Badass this Year” a listen to get a feel for what we’re talking about.

3. The Influencer Podcast

Most of us are going to link up with social media influencers at least once in our careers — and with good reason. Creators with strong social media platforms are our gateways to mega-engaged audiences. But what are they really thinking when we work with them? Get inside the heads of some of the world’s leading social media influencers with The Influencer Podcast. Julie Solomon (or shall we say @julssolomon?) chats with fellow influencers about the trends, realities and secrets of the industry — all the better for getting some juicy insights into how to work with these valuable partners.

4. Under the Influence

Hey, history nerds! Look no further than Under the Influence for all your marketing podcast needs. Host Terry O’Reilly uses a keen journalistic eye to explore the ties that bind pop culture and human nature, discussing everything from how to market rock n’ roll to famous jingles. CBC’s top-notch production quality and storytelling will have you hooked on marketing stories you didn’t even know you were interested in, like how cities revive their tourism industries after disasters or the role psychology plays in pricing.

5. The Marketing Companion

The Marketing Companion answers the marketing questions you might be too afraid to ask, like “why don’t customers want to engage with us?” and “is social media marketing still a thing?”. Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster’s combined 50-plus years in the business and affable banter are sure to keep you glued to your headphones.

6. Marketing School

Don’t have time to commit to an hour-long podcast? Check out Marketing School, hosted by industry leader Neil Patel (Forbes named him one of the marketers to watch in 2017). Each episode is 10 minutes or less, perfect for slipping in between commutes or while doing the dishes. Or, better yet, listen to a few in a row to feel like you’re doing marketing school for real. Topics range from why content marketers shouldn’t copy billion-dollar companies to how to handle negative feedback on social media.

7. Social Pros Podcast

Marketing veteran Jay Baer has worked with some of the most iconic brands, including Nike and Hilton Worldwide, to gear up their digital marketing strategies. Learn from Baer’s decades of experience on the Social Pros Podcast, where he chats with social media experts from companies like Ford, Dell, IBM and ESPN who run high-value social media programs. It also recently received the award for best podcast at the Content Marketing awards, earning its place as a rising star in the marketing industry.

Podcasts aren’t just for passing time on the bus or treadmill anymore. The production quality of these storytelling experiences has never been higher, and the content has never been more diverse. If you’re not already mining the podcast world for nuggets of branded content knowledge (or even making your own company podcast!), it’s a bottomless source of knowledge, insights and creativity that’s well worth exploring.

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