Here’s the Scoop: How to Come Up With Great Branded Stories

Publishing content online, whether on a blog, social media platform or publisher’s site, can feel a bit like shouting into the abyss. Continually coming up with creative ideas and, more importantly, guaranteeing that those ideas will be seen and valued by your target audience, is arguably the most difficult aspect of content marketing.

The good news is: people are consuming more content than ever before. According to Nielsen’s Q1 2018 report on U.S. media consumption, the average American spends just over 11 hours per day consuming media. To stand out from the crowd, marketers are finding new ways to create stories that seize the reader’s attention, but also give them something (or someone) to root for once they have it.

There’s a simple reason why branded content is so effective: stories are better than ads. People will take a story with a human face behind it over a banner ad any day. This shift away from display advertising means there’s greater onus on brands and publishers to come up with consistently interesting written or visual content.

So, how do you find a story that reflects the message of your campaign in a unique and compelling way?

We’re sharing our insider tips on hunting down great branded stories — from how to find the right idea to who should star in it. Download our full guide here

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