Leah Bjornson

“Annihilation” is a Thrilling Descent into Science Fiction (Book Club Pick)
Leah Bjornson
November 23, 2018

Here at Pressboard, we believe in few things more than the power of a great story. Stories inspire us, galvanize us and move us to..

Unpacking Netflix’s Odd (but Probably Necessary) Ad Experiment
Leah Bjornson
October 12, 2018

This summer, Netflix made a terrifying announcement: the streaming giant that had built its legacy on interruption-free content was..

Volvo Creates Powerful “Moments” with Customers Through Content
Leah Bjornson
September 27, 2018

Few industries are subject to the same level of scrutiny that customers bring to buying a new car. After all, this is no casual..

This Company Went Nude in Pursuit of Great Branded Content
Leah Bjornson
August 16, 2018

  On November 27th, the 180,000 Instagram followers of @DailyHiveVancouver noticed something strange. The massively popular Instagram..

3 Things to Remember (and 3 to Forget) on Your Next Business Trip
Leah Bjornson
August 1, 2018

When I was in school, I always wanted a job that would allow me to travel. I studied international politics and foreign languages. I..

Tips from a Screenwriter: Using Big Screen Techniques in Your Branded Content
Leah Bjornson
July 19, 2018

What do Apple and Aaron Sorkin have in common? Alliteration aside, they’re both in the business of telling great stories. Today, the..

Hey Siri: What Do Content Marketers Need to Know About Voice Search?
Leah Bjornson
July 16, 2018

Earlier this year, an Alexa smart speaker started a public uproar and a minor crisis at Amazon when a series of words (misunderstood as..

A Lesson in Influencer Marketing with American Express
Leah Bjornson
July 15, 2018

  “Influencer marketing” has become much more than a buzzword — it’s an entire world of tools, methods, conferences and major brand players.

Storytelling Methods That Work and When to Use Them [Webinar]
Leah Bjornson
June 28, 2018

This webinar demonstrates the power of different storytelling methods and examines multiple use cases for each. Packed with real case..