The Top 10 Sponsored Content Campaigns of July

At Pressboard, we’re invested in growing the sponsored content industry. We’re dedicated to building up the industry as whole, whether that involves connecting advertisers and publishers through our own platform or celebrating the incredible work of our peers. That’s why we write about our favorite sponsored content campaigns every month. So without further ado, here are 10 incredible pieces of sponsored content that publishers and advertisers created together in July, 2018.

“A Safe Haven for Bees in Vancouver” – T Brand Studio + Fairmont

This charming partnership between T Brand Studio and Vancouver’s Fairmont Waterfront hotel is certainly worth buzzing about. From its gorgeous visuals to its informative text, this piece succeeds at both spreading the word about the endangered habitats of bees and promoting the Fairmont as a conscientious (and breathtaking) accommodation choice. Plus, the happy hotel bees produce over 200 pounds of honey annually that goes towards creating some of the delicious dishes on the Fairmont’s ARC restaurant menu — a sweet fact which gives readers even more incentive to book their stay.

“Young Travellers” – Multiple Publishers + G Adventures

Designed to promote G Adventures, an adventure travel company, to young readers with a wanderlust spirit, this national campaign placed content on publisher such as Vancouver Is Awesome, Narcity and Daily Hive. The Narcity piece in particular showcased the uniqueness of the G Adventures experience, exploring the stunning routes available to travellers wishing to see Europe by train. This partnership is such a success because it created tailor-made content for the publishers’ largely millennial audience, using gorgeous photos and Instagram captures to inspire them to book a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
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“My Madden Moment: Vince Staples” – The Player’s Tribune + EA Games

The Player’s Tribune and EA Games team up to showcase the #MaddenMoments of celebrities and athletes in this branded content series. The most recent installation features rapper Vince Staples, who discusses what he learned about sports from playing Madden NFL. Created to raise awareness of the release of the new Madden NFL 19, this partnership leverages both the star quality of Staples and the audience of The Player’s Tribune to produce a piece of content that speaks to both sports and rap fans in a down-to-earth, relatable way

“Recovery: All in the Family” – Mic + Netflix

Part of their series “Faces of Recovery”, this hard-hitting article by Mic and Netflix shares moving personal narratives from recovering addict, Kiersten, and her family. This partnership is a success because it dispels many of the negative stereotypes associated with addiction. The interviewees are shown in their homes spending time with their loved ones, which gives the piece a very real and empathetic quality. Additionally, though it was created to promote Netflix’s new documentary, Recovery Boys, it stands alone as a quality piece of journalism.

“My Next: Andrés’ Journey to Iceland” – National Geographic + Coors

National Geographic’s brilliant writers and arsenal of world-class photographers ensure that every piece of sponsored content they create is a visual masterpiece. This partnership with Coors Light seeks to celebrate people with a spirit of “endless exploration” — and the star of the video, Andrés Ruzo, is the perfect expert to feature. Ruzo’s enthusiasm and passion for the natural world lend something special to this already standout content, which positions both National Geographic and Coors as companies invested in discovering (and preserving) the Earth’s natural beauty.

“The Firsts: Breaking a Norm” – Bustle + Abercrombie & Fitch

The Firsts” is a youthful, motivational series that encourages viewers to try new things and push themselves outside their comfort zone. The most recent video, “Breaking a Norm”, shows DJ Beauty and the Beatz tackling music production for the first time. In this partnership, Bustle and Abercrombie depict themselves as companies that support their audiences’ ambitions — an image that’s sure to strengthen reader and customer loyalty.

“Umami: The 5th Taste, Explained” – Food52 + Ajinomoto Co. Inc.

Another piece of great sponsored content from Food52, this fun and informative take on “the fifth taste” combines videos and cartoony illustrations to create a piece of food content that’s a delight to interact with. Their team pairs up with Ajinomoto Co., a Japanese food corporation, to tackle questions such as “what does umami actually taste like?” and “why did it take the world so long to catch onto it?”, effectively positioning themselves as the go-to experts for all things taste bud–related.

“Hack Your Way to Gourmet” – So Yummy + Shoprite

The beautification of food is certainly a trend that’s on the upswing, especially on social media. This video and gif-based content banks on this trend in the best way possible: using locally grown produce! So Yummy helps viewers learn how to turn a simple strawberry or tomato into a work of art, and Shoprite benefits from having their fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables featured throughout.

“Kingston Penitentiary Tours” – Multiple Publishers + St. Lawrence Parks

This historical take on travel content is part of a highly targeted regional campaign placed on Canadian Traveller, Narcity Canada, Narcity Québec and Journal Métro. Though all four articles aimed to highlight the uniqueness of the Kingston Penitentiary tour experience, the Canadian Traveller article knocked it out of the park, highlighting the prison’s literary past, famous inmates and interesting facts in a well-written and intriguing way. Both Canadian Traveller and St. Lawrence Parks benefit from highlighting a historically significant, yet perhaps lesser known, travel destination in Canada, encouraging readers to explore everything that their country has to offer.

(Disclosure: this content was created through Pressboard’s platform)

“A Sweet Love Story” – Spoon University + Diamond Producers Association

This sugary sweet collaboration between Spoon University and the Diamond Producers Association celebrates all things baking and love related. By making use of Instagram influencer Chelsey White’s (@chelsweets) 577,000-person following, both companies ensure that the video is reaching a wide audience that’s already invested in their content. But the real treat is the significance behind the layers of the cake Chelsey makes, as it adds a distinctly personal flair to the video.

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