The Top 10 Sponsored Content Campaigns of March

At Pressboard, we’re invested in growing the sponsored content industry. Whether that involves connecting advertisers and publishers through our own platform or celebrating the incredible work of our peers, we’re dedicated to building up the industry as a whole. That’s why I write about my favorite sponsored content campaigns every month. So without further ado, here are 10 incredible pieces of sponsored content that publishers and advertisers created together in March, 2018.

The Flipside 2.0 – Huffington Post + Hulu

It’s often necessary to think out of the box in order to make a strong statement, and this partnership between the Huffington Post and Hulu does just that. The Flipside, initially launched in April 2017, is a tool that allows readers to explore trending topics on Twitter. Its recent relaunch integrates promotional material such as ads and quotes throughout the site as a creative way to raise awareness for Hulu’s new show, The Looming Tower. I think its effectiveness derives from the fact that it’s a highly interactive, living piece of content that’s being updated constantly.

Expert Advice: Three No-Fail Colour Palettes for Walls, Ceiling, and Trim – Remodelista + Home Depot

This piece from Remodelista and Home Depot is yet another example of a natural content partnership. Both the publisher and the client are home-oriented, and Remodelista is a very influential site in the world of interior design. This article works well because it’s framed as an “ask the experts” style piece, integrating quotes from interior designer Katie Hackworth throughout that add credibility to the content. I also liked the direct and educational approach that it takes to selecting complementary colours for your home, as it maintains Home Depot’s brand message but isn’t pushy about it.

Meet the Fierce Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 – Vulture + VH1

This piece works on so many levels. For starters, partnering up Vulture and VH1 — both of which are pop culture content superstars — is guaranteed to result in a fun and of-the-moment collaboration. Vulture benefits from featuring an article on a trendy and highly readable topic, and VH1 in turn is able to promote the latest season of one of their most popular shows. The most effective elements of this branded content piece are the vibrant photos and the fact that the article acts as a profile of each individual queen, which adds a personal touch.

5 Smart things to do with a home equity line of credit – Ashbury Park Press + First Atlantic

Home ownership is a challenging topic that many readers need support with, making it an excellent topic for branded content from advertisers in the financial services space. In this piece published on Ashbury Park Press, First Atlantic offers advice specific to capitalizing on your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). By tackling a niche and complicated topic, the company positions themselves as the experts, which could be more difficult to do with a broader angle that everyone has an opinion on.

Dine and Stay – Multiple Publishers + Tourism Victoria

Food and travel are truly a match made in content heaven, making this pair of branded articles from Tourism Victoria, Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met an effective partnership. Both Seattle Mag and Seattle Met are great choices for foodie content, as they’re primarily lifestyle magazines. Plus, placing articles that aim to draw American tourists to Victoria in Seattle-based publications is a smart choice, considering the geographical proximity between the two locations. I like that these pieces emphasize “eating like a local” by offering suggestions for restaurants that may be lesser known or off the beaten path.

(Disclosure: This sponsored content was created through the Pressboard platform)

Art gallery? More like bark gallery! See what happens when these rescue pups visit an art gallery just for them! #MakeADogsDayLearn more about how Subaru gives back to pets here:

Posted by BuzzFeed Animals on Monday, March 19, 2018

Art Gallery? More Like Bark Gallery! – Buzzfeed + Subaru

This video is part of Subaru of America’s ongoing #MakeADogsDay campaign, which was created to help them launch their new “dog tested, dog approved” vehicles. This partnership is solid, as it allows Subaru to position themselves as the go-to pet-friendly vehicle company and Buzzfeed to feature a video of adorable dogs that’s sure to be a crowdpleaser. This video is incredibly effective because it aligns itself with a worthy cause (Subaru donates to organizations such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and it speaks to dog owners on a personal and heartfelt level.

In Your Hands – Washington Post + Optum Health

This collaboration between the Washington Post’s Brand Studio and Optum Health takes a shrewd look at America’s healthcare system, examining its increasing cost and unsustainable nature through infographics and statistics. The serious nature of this topic makes the Washington Post an excellent choice of publisher, as they produce traditional, newsworthy content even in their Brand Studio. The authority of the Post’s brand lends credibility to Optum Health’s message, and the investigative, journalistic tone presents the argument in a thorough and convincing way.

Explore an Ancient Japanese Artificial Cavern in 360 — Quartz + Ricoh

Just like books, movies and TV, great sponsored content can transport you to places you never even dreamed of visiting. Quartz and Richoh, a Japanese electronics company, paired up to create this interactive article that allows readers to explore 360° views of ancient caverns in Japan’s Kamakura Hills. The piece is aimed at promoting Ricoh’s new THETA camera, and does so in a subtle yet resonant way.

How (and Where) to Feast Your Way Around Great Britain – Food52 + VisitBritain

This sponsored content is a fun, first-person journey through the best of Britain’s food and drink. Food52 has long established itself as a hub for food enthusiasts, making it the ideal publisher to promote VisitBritain’s brand message. Plus, blending food and travel content is always a recipe for success. I like that this article includes both typical (ice-cream) and unusual (seaweed) culinary experiences for travelers to try. I also enjoy the diversity of media in the piece, from traditional food photos to Instagram screenshots and videos.

PODS for Business – Multiple Publishers + PODS

PODS teamed up with six different publishers over the past month to promote their inventive storage solutions, which were split into articles for restaurant, retail and corporate businesses. Each set of articles originated from one client-created piece that was reworked through the Pressboard platform in order to be placed on multiple publishers’ sites. This sponsored content campaign is effective because it discusses the niche subject of storage within the frame of a more intriguing topic, such as Little Caesars Pizza or employee relocation

(Disclosure: This sponsored content was created through the Pressboard platform)


Did I miss one of your favorite sponsored content partnerships from the month? Share it in the comments!

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