The Top 10 Sponsored Content Examples from February

At Pressboard, we’re invested in growing the sponsored content industry. Whether that involves connecting advertisers and publishers through our own platform or celebrating the incredible work of our peers, we’re dedicated to building up the industry as a whole. That’s why I write about my favorite sponsored content campaigns every month. So without further ado, here are 10 incredible pieces of sponsored content that publishers and advertisers created together in February, 2018.

The Definitive Guide to Valentine’s Day – Uproxx + Pandora

Just like flowers and chocolate, jewelry is a Valentine’s Day staple. There are few better authorities to comment on the holiday than Pandora, one of the world’s leading jewelry manufacturers and retailers. Video content is Uproxx’s bread and butter, making this the perfect format to showcase the intimate nature of a holiday like Valentine’s Day. This video is part of a series that addresses the daunting subject of gift-giving at every stage of a relationship. I like that this collaboration is fun and upbeat, and applicable to both newly minted and long-term couples.

The World in 2384: Is It Possible to Achieve Immortality? – Wired + Netflix

A content partnership involving a hot new Netflix series is sure to draw in more than a few readers. The overwhelming success of the streaming service’s 2014 article “Women Inmates”, the result of a partnership with The New York Times’ T Brand Studio, has shown that blending TV and social commentary is a recipe for branded content success. I think that this piece is also appealing due to its design. The text unfolds before the viewer’s eyes and contains visually striking media components that create an immersive and entertaining reading experience.

Chad Onsite v2

A Tale of Two Trails – BBC Storyworks + Toyota Australia

Interview-based articles tap into the deeply human desire to share stories. This sponsored content is part of a series that’s made up of Q&A-style pieces that ask influencers and adventurers to discuss anything from their exercise regime to their hopes and dreams—all the while enabling Toyota Australia to forge a connection with BBC Storyworks readers. This particular partnership solidifies Toyota’s goal of being “luxury with no fixed address” by associating the brand with exploration and adventure. This article is effective because it uses an interviewee who is authoritative and personable. Its format is also highly reproducible, making future articles in the series a breeze to put together.


Shifting Skylines – The Wall Street Journal + Bentall Kennedy           

The Wall Street Journal is yet another publisher whose sponsored content benefits most from adopting a journalistic tone. This article has that traditional, print publication authority in spades. It takes an informed and sophisticated look at the real estate climate in America, and I believe that its success is largely due to the fact that Bentall Kennedy did the research and writing themselves. It’s all proof to the point that brands can become great content creators in their own right.

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Home | Made – Tastemade + Zillow

New York City is undeniably one of the most notable places a person can call home. However, the state of New York is peppered with many other vibrant and up-and-coming communities, such as the East Coast city of Hudson. This video does a beautiful job of flaunting the stunning architecture and thriving arts scene of the Hudson Valley area while also highlighting it as a great area for prospective home owners. The collaboration between Tastemade and Zillow is mutually beneficial because Tastemade is interested in promoting foodie communities across the globe, and Zillow is a real estate company hoping to encourage people to settle in cities like Hudson.

7 Ways to Shake Things Up This Valentine’s Day – PureWow + Dove Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can be met with everything from happy squeals to audible groans. This piece does a fantastic job of tackling this mixed reception head-on by providing alternative V-Day activities that can be done solo, with a friend or with a loved one. I love that Dove Chocolates’ sponsor message doesn’t make any assumptions about the reader’s relationship status, and that it’s integrated in a way that isn’t pushy or overly obvious.

The 5-Minute Guide to Buying Sponsored Content from Publishers – Digiday + Pressboard

This piece is an exciting addition to the list for me personally, because we used our new platform to purchase this sponsored content from Digiday! In this article, Pressboard co-founder and CEO Jerrid Grimm tackles the broad and complex topic of purchasing sponsored content and breaks it down into easily digestible bits of advice for brands and ad agencies. You can put the advice into action yourself by creating a free Pressboard account!

(Disclosure: This sponsored content was created through the Pressboard platform)

Behind the Shot – National Geographic + BMW

This collaboration artfully combines the breathtaking photos of National Geographic with the adventurous spirit of BMW to create a video that’s both powerful and relatable. The defining feature of National Geographic is its mind-blowing photography, so taking the viewer behind the scenes of how these shots are taken is the perfect way to frame a sponsored content piece about a human-interest story—such as the life of the ranching family portrayed in this video. The narration further enhances its relatability and gives it a human quality that’s especially effective.

No hackers in here.

These Security Experts Get Paid to Think Like Hackers – Quartz + AT&T Business

It’s easy for a thought leadership piece to feel insular, especially when it’s sponsored content. Though this article speaks directly to AT&T users, it also draws on the expertise of people outside of the company to keep its credibility high. This article is a success because it’s transparent about being sponsored content and it positions AT&T as a company chock-full of advice on everything from basic tech questions to high-stakes security concerns.

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « low angle shot of african businesswoman »

5 Expert Tips to Create the Career You’ve Always Wanted – The Globe and Mail + Royal Roads University

Considering that The Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s largest and most successful news publications, it makes sense that sponsored content for the site would be written in an informative and journalistic tone. This article is part of a larger campaign of career advice-based stories by Royal Roads University that resonate with those seeking a life change that may involve further education or training. It also draws from the experiences of two interviewees who provide both a professional and personal touch to the piece.

(Disclosure: This sponsored content was created through the Pressboard platform)


Did I miss one of your favorite branded content partnerships from the month? Share it in the comments!

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